About Us

1. What is the main goal of Modern Medical Centers?

Currently, more than a third of the US population suffers from obesity. More than 23.6 million people have diabetes and issues of heart disease. We are heading toward a national health crisis!

With this in mind, Modern Medical Centers offers effective immediate solution and preventative care so you can live longer fruitful life.


2. What is Modern Medical Centers?

With over 15 years of expertise in medicine and other health related fields, our “battle proven” team of doctors and clinicians has been providing outstanding comprehensive care to collegiate, professional athletes and regular people from all walks of life just like you.


3. What makes Modern Medical Centers so special?

We believe that a good healthcare approach is  implements patient education, a natural holistic approach combined with traditional medicine and comprehensive physical therapy with individualized exercise program to change risk factors, provide early detection and prevent future illness.

We provide goal-oriented programs that utilize a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, giving patients an active role in their own care.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality care in a supportive, comfortable environment with maximum  personal attention and minimum  waiting time.


4. Do you have any special programs developed in your facilities?

Modern Medical Centers with locations throughout the New York area and professionals in virtually every field .

– Obesity prevention & weight loss

– Diabetes Prevention & treatment

– High Cholesterol & Heart Disease prevention

– Wellness & Preventative Care

– HIV Care & Special Needs

– Palliative Care of patients with chronic and advanced health condition


5. What are the areas of expertise?   

Our team of experts can be found under one roof:

Internal and Family Medicine




Infectious Diseases

Natural Medicine**


Neurology and Pain management

Podiatry and Foot Surgery (Foot and Ankle Care)

Sport Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery***

Fitness and Wellness Consultation* which includes a heavy concentration on a weight loss and obesity prevention program.

Nutrition and Clinical Dietary


5. Where are our offices located?

Our offices are conveniently located throughout the metropolitan area of NYC. Visit our locations page to see each of our offices or call 212.571-5000, so we can help you locate the office closest to your home or place of employment.

            Please know that we CAN assist eligible customers with transportation.


 6. What insurances do you accept?

Most commercial insurances, including HMO as well as Medicare and Medicaid are accepted in our facilities.


7. What should you expect when attending a Modern Medical Centers clinic?

Our trained staff and friendly atmosphere will make your visit to our offices as relaxing and stress-free experience, with minimal waiting time.

And initial visit includes a complete history and physical evaluation. We will establish a treatment plan specific to your needs and health situation. Your treatment will begin the same day and all detectable issues will addressed with  greatest concern in mind.

Having our team of experts under one roof, allows our patients to be provided with comprehensive multi-specialty care that will save time and avoid the stress of going to many different specialist’s locations or hospitals.


8. What are your hours of operation?

All our offices are open Monday through Saturday, from as early as 9am to 7pm and our on-call service allows us to address your needs 24hrs a day.


10. What are your future plans?

We are at Modern Medical Centers, strongly and passionately believe in the principle of “stewardship”. As such, we want to empower, educate and motivate our current and future patients with a unique health seminar. This seminar will give some effective tools and advice to help you and your friends and families.

Please consider Modern Medical Centers as a partner to your community by helping you be healthy, in order to reach a stronger spiritual state of mind. 

” Care for the body, care for the mind ! “